Word Pirate! is an addictive word game for one or two players. Build words from new letters or by adding letters to words that have already been created. Steal words from your opponent for maximum scores. If you love word play, you'll love Word Pirate!

Version 1.0 is exclusively for play through Facebook. Play with your Facebook friends or try for a high score in solitaire mode.

Play begins by adding tiles to the pot until you see a word of 3 or more letters. Points are awarded for word length, stealing vs. defending words, time and size of the pot. Steal words by adding one or more letters and rearranging an opponent's word. For example, steal CART by adding an E to make CRATE. Take turns defending and stealing until someone gets ten words. Creating eight-letter anagrams is quite a challenge!

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Word Pirate - Alibali Software

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