Turn your iPhone into a powerful magnifying lens—up to 14x!

Magnifyer™ adds a powerful zoom to your iPhone camera: take portraits from across the room. Crop a picture without having to wait until you're back at your computer.

Forgot your reading glasses? Need to read the fine print on the menu? Magnifyer™, loaded on your iPhone, is ready to go! Magnifyer™ is just the thing for reading those tiny labels on prescription bottles, telephone book listings or ingredient lists.

The Freeze On Capture feature lets you study a magnified image without having to close the app. Photographs taken with Magnifyer™ go directly to your camera roll at their current magnification. What you see is what you get!

Magnifyer™ is great for:
Reading labels while shopping
Studying maps
Reading phone book listings, fine print, receipts and more!

See a guide to using Magnifyer™

Launch Magnifyer™ and view the subject matter at a distance of about 6 inches (15 cm). There is a natural tendency to move closer but the zoom can become so extreme that being any closer will result in a blurry, unstable image.

The Auto-Magnify feature increases or decreases zoom intuitively based on your hand movements. As though you were gently tugging on a fishing line, moving your iPhone toward or away from an object zooms in and out.

You can also swipe the screen upward (away from you) to enlarge the image. Go slowly: one long swipe takes you from 1x to 14x magnification! Usually, just a little magnification is all that is necessary for reading fine print.

Press the camera shutter button to record the image to the iPhone's camera roll. The "Freeze On Capture" option holds the image on the screen for examination, and returns to live camera mode with a tap anywhere on the screen.

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